Christmas has come so quick,
Beat the rush and let us help you.

Perfect for Mum & Dad, friends, teachers or even Grandparents.

Set of two for your favourite duo.
Each box includes a special treat.
NZ$ 25.00
Out Of Stock  

Christmas has come super fast.
Let us help ease the silly season rush, with our Christmas eve box.

1x Christmas themed Bubbles
1x Malteser Hot chocolate or Milky Bar white Hot chocolate.
1x surprise lucky dip gift (miscellaneous)
1x Christmas themed sipper cup
1x bag of sweets
1x Christmas cracker
1x Reindeer Food (oatie trail mix)
1x edible Frosty The snowman
NZ$ 15.00
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Do you need a gift for Nan & Koko,
But cant decide what to buy?

We've got you covered.
Gift box includes;
1x Christmas inspired tumbler
1x coffee
1x box of tea
1x candle
1x Christmas cookie
1x Ferrero Rocher
1x chocolate bar
NZ$ 20.00
Out Of Stock  

Expecting extra guests and dont want them to miss out grab a Mystery giftbox filled with treasures for the littlies to enjoy on Christmas Eve.

Great for last minute gifts well over the price value.
NZ$ 10.00
Out Of Stock  


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